Article accepted in the Journal of Physical Chemistry A

October 16th 2015


Final night at the Advanced Light Source synchroton, studying C(3P) reactions

October 15th 2015


The high temperature pulsed fast flow has been assembled in the lab

October 5th 2015


Articles published in the Astrophysical Journal

September 15th 2015

ApJI_pub ApJII_pub

Article published in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

August 25th 2015


Studying C(3P) reactions at the Advanced Light Source synchrotron

October 2014

ALS_kinetics 2014 Sebastien Le Picard (Univ. Rennes), Jeremy Bourgalais (Univ. Rennes), Ranjith Kumar Abhinavam Kailasanathan (WVU), Fabien Goulay (WVU), and Michael Capron (Univ. Rennes)

Article published in Cellulose in collaboration with the Physics department

September 5th 2014
cellulose article

Article published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry A

August 12th 2014


Allison at the Advanced Light Source synchrotron in Berkeley Ca

November 22nd 2013 photo-4

ACS Petroleum Research Fund Doctoral New Investigator (DNI) Grant recipient (2013-2015)

The Petroleum Research Fund is an endowed fund, managed by the American Chemical Society that supports fundamental research directly related to petroleum or fossil fuels at nonprofit institutions (generally colleges and universities) in the United States and other countries.

Optimizing OH fluorescence signal

May 7th 2013 IMG_8479

Dr. Ranjith Kumar AK has joined the lab

March 16th 2013 IMG_8489

Overview of the lab

August 28th 2012

2012-08-28 17.39.40 2012-08-28 17.37.36 2012-08-28 17.38.38 2012-08-28 17.39.16

The cellulose experiment

August 24th 2012

2012-08-28 17.38.57 2012-08-24 08.52.30 2012-08-24 08.53.22

The laser table finally arrived

June 11th to 14th 2012

2012-06-11 11.27.32 2012-06-12 17.25.12

June 5ft 2012


Graveyard shift at the Advanced Light Source

May 2012

IMG_4889 IMG_4894

ACSSA Poster presentation

March 17 2012

IMG_4594 IMG_4597 Best undergraduate poster

Latest publications

Effect of relative humidity on the OH-initiated heterogeneous oxidation of monosaccharide nanoparticles

Hanyu Fan, Mark R. Tinsley, and Fabien Goulay

Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2015 DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpca.5b06364

The C(3P) + NH3 reaction in interstellar chemistry. I: Investigation of the product formation channels+

Bourgalais J., Capron M., Kailasanathan R.K., Osborn D.L., Hickson K.M., Loison J-C., Walekam V., Goulay F., Le Picard S.

The Astrophysical Journal 2015, 812, 106

The C(3P) + NH3 reaction in interstellar chemistry. II: Low temperature rate constants and modeling of NH, NH2, AND NH3 abundances in dense interstellar clouds

Hickson K.M., Loison J-C., Bourgalais J., Capron M., Le Picard S. Goulay F., Walekam V.

The Astrophysical Journal 2015, 812, 106

Flow tube studies of the C(3P) reactions with ethylene and propylene

M. Capron, J. Bougalais, R. K. Abhinavam Kailasanathan, D. L. Osborn, S. D. Le Picard, F. Goulay

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2015, 17, 23833

Hydrothermal treatment of microcrystalline cellulose under mild conditions: characterization of solid and liquid-phase products

M. S. Seehra, B. V. Popp, F. Goulay, S. K. Pyapalli, T. Gullion, J. Poston

Cellulose 21, 4483, 2014

Kinetic Study of the OH Radical Reaction with Phenylacetylene

R. K. Abhinavam Kailasanathan, J. Thapa, and F. Goulay

Journal of Physical Chemistry A 118, 7732, 2014

Formation of dimethylketene and methacrolein by reaction of the CH radical with acetone

F. Goulay, A. Derakhshan, E. Maher, A. J Trevitt, J. D. Savee, A. Scheer, D. L. Osborn, C. A. Taatjes

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
12, 4049, 2013

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The 2 nd Annual Meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Section of the American Physical Society

October 23-25 2015, Morgantown, WV

33rd International Symposium on Free radicals

August 2-7 2015, Squaw Valley, CA

23rd International Symposium on Gas Kinetics and Related Phenomena

20–24 July 2014 Szeged, Hongary


32nd International Symposium on Free Radicals

21–26 July 2013 Potsdam, Germany

FreeRadical poster

Atmospheric Chemical Mechanisms, December 10-13th 2012 UC Davis, CA


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Atmospheric Implications of Carbon Mitigation Processes
Future Directions in Theory and Experiments
Automatic Mechanism Generation
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Isoprene Chemistry
Gas Phase Precursors of SOA
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22nd International Symposium on Gas Kinetics June 18 – 22, 2012 Boulder, Colorado, USA


Sixth Workshop on ‘Titan Chemistry – Observations, Experiments, Computations, and Modeling’ Miami, Florida, March 12-14, 2012